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QUAYLE, William A.; A Book of Clouds. New York, The Abingdon Press, [1925], First edition, 8vo [22 x 16 cm]; 116 pp, frontis, 50 plates from photos, all printed on front of each leaf, original pictorial cloth, pictorial vignette on spine, gilt

More poetic than meteorological, with very attractive plates. Not often found with a dust jacket.

US$45. bookID # 11423

WATTS, Alan; Instant Weather Forecasting. London, Adlard Coles, [1968], First edition, oblong 8vo [14 x 22 cm]; 64 pp, 24 color plates, each with a table of forecasts and conditions, other illustrations from drwgs, glossary, original cloth, gil

A handy guide for predicting weather based on cloud conditions.

US$2. bookID # 11414

POINTER, John; A Rational Account of the Weather, Shewing the Signs of its Several Changes and Alterations, Together with the Philosophical Reasons of Them. Collected Not Only from Common Observations, but Chiefly from Some of the Most Approv'd Aut

An early attempt at weather forecasting based on observations of nature, winds, signs, barometer readings, etc., with some old sayings on the weather to further help the forecasts.

US$300. bookID # 11431

CLARIDGE, John; The Shepherd of Banbury's Rules to Judge the Changes of the Weather, Grounded on Forty Years Experience by which you may know, The Weather for Several Days to Come & in some cases for Months. . .. London, T. Waller, 1748, Second

An early attempt to forecast weather based on observations of conditions.

US$85. bookID # 11433

TAYLOR, Joseph; The Compete Weather Guide; a Collection of Practical Observations for Prognosticating the Weather Drawn from Plants, Animals, Inanimate Bodies, Philosophical Instruments including the Shepherd of Banbury's Rules. . .. London, Jo

The first edition of an important work on weather, using both observations of nature, instruments such as barometer, hygrometer, rain-gauge, thermometer, and various rules based on stars, moon, sun, clouds, mist, rain, wind, seasons. With an appen

US$88. bookID # 11424

LAWSON, Robert; Observations on the Temperature and Moisture of the Atmosphere, and on the Temperature and Specific Gravity of the Surface Water of the Northern Atlantic. Edinburgh, Neill and Company, 1845, First edition, from the Edinburgh New

An early work on temperature of oceans which has been shown to be a major predictor of weather over land.

US$22. bookID # 11435

RUSSELL, Robert; North America, Its Agriculture and Climate containing Observations on the Agriculture and Climate of Canada, the United States and the Island of Cuba. Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, 1857, First edition, 8vo [22.5 x 15 cm];

TPL 3472. Sabin 74370. Waters ton p. 106. The author travelled in Upper and Lower Canada, Vermont, Oswego, Cincinnati, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Charleston, southern states and Cuba and compares the climate to that of Scotland, describing

US$125. bookID # 8296

SHAW, W. N.; Forecasting Weather. New York, D. Van Nostrand Company, 1911, First edition, 8vo [22 x 15 cm]; xxvii, 380, 26 [ads], [ii, ads] pp, folding chart frontis, 158 illus, including numerous charts, many of which are folding, index, origi

A very well-illustrated work on weather forecasting, that was state of the art at the time.

US$9. bookID # 11411

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